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PL-660 full-band digital tuning radio

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PL-660 full-band digital tuning radio

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PL-660 full-band digital tuning radio

Color: black silver
Tuner : Digital Tuner
Band : Full Band
Channel : Stereo
Battery : AA batteries
Style: Portable
Weight : 470g
Size : 187 × 114 × 33 mm

● can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave , short wave , shortwave single sideband (SSB) and the aviation communication signal band signal , high sensitivity , good selectivity , beautiful sound , convenient operation

● amplitude modulation circuit using a double-conversion technology , synchronous detection technology ; FM band frequency circuits and air even with a five- tuning technology , which greatly improves receiver sensitivity, selectivity and anti- mirroring, anti- adjacent channel interference

● HF SSB (SSB) independent reception of the upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB), greater than 40dB sideband interference suppression

● with FM / SW external antenna jack , and high / medium / low sensitivity control switch 3 files , facilitates remote receiver (DX)

● Six selection modes: manual search radio frequency (VF), direct digital frequency input , manual search stored radio (VM), digital input directly address stored radio , automatic search browse radio frequency automatic search browse the stored radio frequency

● can be manual, semi- automatic (ATS) Search store up to 2000 radio frequencies. Of which 800 are stored by the band ( FM / AM / long wave / Air Band each deposit 100 , shortwave / SSB each deposit 200 ) , and the rest by 1200 frequency band random classification may be stored in 12 pages inside ( 12 × 100)

● FM receiver covering the range of 76-108MHz , can receive Chinese and European, American and Japanese FM radio frequencies , but also listen to the domestic part of the campus radio and television sound , use headphones to enjoy FM stereo radio

● High sensitivity with high-quality speakers , beautiful sound ; has high / bass control switch , listen to different programs to meet the needs of timbre

● Friendly interface , easy to use , has a very useful multi-function digital adjustment knob can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency , select the memory page and address

● Double regular boot feature , the boot can listen to the stored radio frequency

● Intelligent Power Switch : You can set the boot 1-120 minutes after the automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown function also cancel

● Using four AA batteries , can also use rechargeable batteries or external power supply ; This machine is equipped with an Intelligent charging function

● comes with dedicated external power supply / charger, NiMH rechargeable battery, an external antenna , stereo headphones, protective sleeve fine

● Product Size : Width 187 × height 114 × thickness 33 ( mm )

● Available colors : black, silver

Frequency Modulation (FM):
76-108MHz; intelligent stepper 0.01MHz/0.1MHz

Can choose the frequency coverage :
Standard :87-108MHz ( applicable to all other countries except Japan , Russia )
Germany :87.5-108MHz ( German FTZ standard display setting 88-108MHz)
Japan :76-108MHz ( including domestic part of the campus radio and TV sound channels 4-5 )

MW (MW):
522-1620kHz; intelligent stepper 1kHz/9kHz ( suitable for Asia, Africa and Europe )
520-1710kHz; intelligent stepper 1kHz/10kHz ( suitable for North America )

Longwave (LW):
100-519kHz; intelligent stepper 1kHz/9kHz

Shortwave (SW):
1711-29999kHz; intelligent stepper 1kHz/5kHz

Air band (AIR):
118-137MHz; intelligent stepper 1kHz/25kHz

2, the noise limit sensitivity:
Frequency modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) than 3uV
MW (MW) (S / N = 26dB) than 1mV / m
Long wave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) than 5mV / m
Short wave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) than 20uV
Single sideband (SSB) (S / N = 10dB) than 1uV
Air band (AIR) (S / N = 10dB) than 5uV

3 , selectivity ( AM IF bandwidth to narrowband )
Frequency modulation (FM)> 30dB (± 200kHz)
Medium / long-wave (MW / LW)> 40dB (± 9kHz)
Shortwave (SW)> 40dB (± 5kHz)

4, the signal to noise ratio
Frequency Modulation (FM): better than 60dB
In the long-wave (MW / LW): better than 45dB
Shortwave (SW): better than 50dB

5, the IF frequency
AM: First IF 55.845MHz
The second intermediate frequency 455kHz
FM: 10.7MHz

6 , FM stereo separation : better than 20dB

7, the output power ( 10% distortion )
Speaker : ≥ 450mW
Headset : ≥ 10mW

8 , the number of stored memories : of 2000

By Band Storage: Total 800
Frequency Modulation (FM): 100个
MW (MW): 100个
Longwave (LW): 100个
Short wave (SW): 200个
Dedicated SSB (SSB): 200个
Air band (AIR): 100个

Not according to the band storage : A total of 1200 , of 12 , each of which can store 100

9 , awakened mode: Radio Alarm A, Radio Alarm B ( of 2 )

10 , the quiescent current :
Frequency modulation (FM) <50mA
AM / long wave (MW / LW) <70mA
Shortwave (SW) <70mA
Single sideband (SSB) <70mA
Air band (AIR) <70mA
Shutdown standby current <80uA

11 , Speaker Specifications : Diameter 77mm / Impedance 16Ω / power 1W cone speaker

12 , Headphone Specifications: Diameter 3.5mm/32Ω stereo headphones

13 , power supply :
Battery: 4 R6 ( the 5th ) batteries or rechargeable batteries
External Power : DC 6V 300mA

14 Product Size : approx width 187 × height 114 × thickness 33 (mm)

15 , Weight: about 470g ( without batteries )

Color Variety of colors

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