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USB charging cable delayed 10 / universal plug adapter

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USB charging cable delayed 10 / universal plug adapter

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USB charging cable delayed 10 / universal plug adapter

Product Name: USB charging cable delayed 10
Function: charging cable
Wire Interface: ten kinds of interfaces
Color: Black
Products for:

APP-1 interface is suitable for
Apple: IPOD suitable for all models, including IPHONE (except shuffle).

LG-1 interface is suitable for
LG LG: KG90, KG800, KG90N
, KG99, KE820, KE850, KG98, KG810, KG77, KE770, KG70, KE970, KG328, KG320, KG90C, KG70C,
KW820, KG600, KU990, KE998, KU970, MG320, MG800, MG280, MG810, VX8500, VX9400, etc.
Legend: P80, i817, ET660, S9, P990, ET860, P620, S70, S90, i909, P750, S96, ET880, S7, i880,
i966, ET880, i968, S6, i906, P960, ET600, i510, S600, ET700, etc.

MOT-1 (standard MINI-USB) interface is suitable for Mini USB support
5Pin T-shaped charging port
Machines, some are summarized as follows:
Moto motorcycle: V3i, V3x, L2, L6, L7, U6, E2, E6, Z3, K1, E680, A1200, etc.
SAMSUNG Samsung: G810, i8510, M8800, etc.
Dopod Dopod / HTC: 568,838,830,585,818,828 +,
575,565,586 w, 557w, P800, P100, C858, S1, D600, Touch Diamond, T2222, P660, Touch HD,
C750, etc.

MOT-2 (standard MICRO-USB) interface is suitable for Micro USB support
5pin charging machines, some are summarized as follows:
Nokia Nokia: N97, N85, N86, 8800, etc. (NOK-3)
Moto Motorola: V8, E8, V9 , Q9, R1, ZN5, EM30, A1600, A1800, etc.
SAMSUNG Samsung: S7350, S8300, S7220, i8910, F309, i8510 , G818E, G810, etc.
HTC HTC: HD7, Desire HD, Desire Z, HD2 T8585, HD mini T5555, EVO 4G
A9292, G5 Nexus One, G6 Legend \ A6363, G7 Desire desire, G8 wildfire wildfire \ A3333, G9 Aria
Liberty \ A6380
Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson: U1 IDOU, U5 U5I, X10 X10i, X10 mini E10i, X10
mini pro U20I, X8 E15I, U8 U8i, X2, A8I

NOK-1 interface is suitable for
Nokia small mouth (very thin kind) for N70
N71 N72 N73 N76 N77 N78 N80 N81 N82 N90 N91 N93 N93i N95 N95 (8G) E50 E51 E61
E61i E62 E65 E71 E90 1200 1208 1209 1650 1680c 1681c 2505 2630 2600c 2660 2680s
2760 2865 3109c 3110c 3120c 3250 3500c 3600s 5000 5070 5200 5208 5220XM 5300
5310XM 5320 5500 5610 5700 6070 6080 6085 6088 6110n 6111 6120c 6122c 6125 6131
6131i 6151 6210s 6212C 6220c 6233 6234 6268 6270 6275 6280 6288 6290 6300 6500s
6600F 7070 7088 7210c 7310c 7310s 7360 7373 7370 7390 7500 7510a 7610S 8800s, etc.

NOK-2 interface is suitable for
Outer diameter of 3.5mm, suitable for 1100,2100 , 2125,2200,2250,2255,2270,2280,2300,2370,2600,2650,3100,3105,3108,3120, 3200
, 3220,3225,3230,3300,3315,3330,3350,3410,3510,3515,3530,3560,3610,3650, 5100
, 5110,5140 (i), 5510,6020,6021,6030,6060,6100,6108,6110,6150,6170,6200, 6210,
6220,6230 (i), 6250,6260,6340,6500,6510,6600,6610 (i), 6630,6650,6670,6680, 6681,
6800,6820,7110,7200,7210,7250 (i), 7260,7600,7610,7650,8210,8250,8800, 9110,9210
, 9810, N-Gage QD, etc.

PSP-1 interface is suitable for
Sony: PSP1000, PSP2000, PSP3000 other sections of PSP.

SAMS-1 interfaces suitable for
SAMSUNG Samsung: D520, D800
, D808, D828, D830, D838, D848, D528, D900, D908, E200, E208, E250, E258, E390, E398, E420
, E428, E480, E488, E490, E498, E690, E698, E780, E788, E830, E838, E840, E848, E878, E908
, E898, E890, E878, E900, E908, F300, F308, F369, F519, F589, F609, I600, P300, P308, P310
, M359, T809, U108, U308, U300, U108, U608, U708, W559, X820, X828, X830, X838, Z150, Z230
, Z370, Z400, Z510, Z518, Z548, Z560, Z630, etc.

SAMS-2 interface is suitable for
SAMSUNG Samsung: B100, B108
, C458, D610, D880, D888, E210, E218, F218, F250, F258, F480, F488, G600, G608, i400, i408
, I450, i458, i710, i718, i720, i728, i780, i788, i900, i908, J708, L250, L600, L608, L760
, L768, M300, M308, M510, M518, M600, M608, M610, M618, P520, P528, W159, W619, W629
, W699, U900, U908, etc.

SOER-1 interface is suitable for
SonyEricsson Sony Ericsson: D750,
J100, J110, J120, J220, J230, K220, K310, K510, K530C, K550, K750c, K758, K790c, K818c,
M600, M608, P990, S500c, T658c, W200, W300, W350c, W380c, W550, W580c, W600, W610, W700C,
W710, W760c, W800c, W810c, W830, W888, W908c, W950, W958c, Z520, Z530, Z550c, Z558, Z610,

Color Black

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