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How to find desired products on Anladdin?
07-11-2014  |  Help Center  

If you can't find your desired products, you can try the following search techniques:


We recommend you choose all directories when searching products on the website in order to get more results. 

Method 1:

Reducing the seach keywords gradually, and only search core words. For example, you can search “ Metal mobile phone shell ” or “black mobile phone shell ”or “phone shell” to replace “ black metal mobile phone shell”. You could have more results by searching in this way.


Method 2:

Searching the synonym substitution of keywords. For example, the word “covers ” or "case" can replace “mobile phone shell ”.


Method 3:

Searching relevant product information or description information directly, such as: size, function, purpose, etc.

What if I can't find the item I want

If you have the pictures of the product you want, then you can contact our customer service at with specific information (confirming the material, color, size, etc.). With your confirmation, we can make sure whether we can make the item for you.