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What Energy Saving Lights Bring Us?
02-22-2016  |  Blog  

Energy-saving lamp, also known as energy-saving bulb, electronic lamp, compact fluorescent lamp and integrated fluorescent lamp, which refers to the a kind of lighting equipment combined by fluorescent and ballast.

The promotion of energy-saving lamp is of great significance. However, the harm to the environment caused by waste energy saving lamps has also attracted attention. Nevertheless, the demand for energy-saving lamps is still growing, especially in the coming 2017, demand is still increasing.

The size of  LED energy-saving lamp is similar to incandescent lamp, so it can directly replace incandescent lamp. To achieve same light output, energy-saving lamp only cost 1/5 to 1/4 consumption of ordinary incandescent lamp. This is why the market and the government push the promotion of energy-saving lamps.


1. Compact structure, small volume.

2. High luminous efficiency of 60Lm/w, save more than 80% energy.

3. Can directly replace incandescent bulbs.

4. Service Life is longer, which is 6 ~ 10 times of incandescent lamp.

5. The inner wall of tube is coated with a protective film and the three spiral filament can greatly prolong the service life.

6. To reduce heat release, save power.


1. Energy saving lamp start-up process is slow.

2. Energy-saving lamp is bright line spectrum, so usually the light is partial purple.
This kind of lamp is not suitable for using in some special workplace.

3. Energy-saving lamp ballast could cost instantaneous pressure will produce certain electromagnetic radiation. Energy-saving lamps need to add rare earth fluorescent powder which contain radioactive material, also energy-saving lamps will produce ionizing radiation. Compared with the uncertainty caused by electromagnetic radiation on the human body, excessive radiation harm of energy-saving lamp to human body is more worthy of attention.

Intelligent energy-saving lamp

Energy saving lamp is currently the latest trends in the development of the industry, intelligent lighting with an automatic induction switch----this high-tech products can be detected by the human activities and corresponding operation of opening and closing, achieve energy saving purposes.

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